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I just saw a fantastic documentary on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict – something you must see when you have some time.

Those hazy on the subject will clearly get to grips with what has been going on in that territory, and those clued on will see some exceptional footage from the devastating situation in the ‘Holy Land’.

In our modern world’s 21st Century quest of so called bigger and brighter things on it’s agenda, the fact that this has been happening in the Middle East (and continues to happen with no foreseeable stop) made me feel sick to the stomach and more useless than I have in a very long time.

I suppose being super-optimistic has lead me to be pathetically naive and stick with an idealist vision of the world and it’s future direction.

My belief that yes there is shit happening everywhere, but there is hope and things will change – be it hunger, war or environmental disaster – took a serious blow as I watched this documentary snug in my bed in uptown Madrid.

It has left me feeling low and annoyed with myself as to what I selfish life I lead and why I haven’t gotten my act together to make a drop of a difference to anything that really matters.

I take back my call for TLC.

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