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The last 2-weeks have flown by way too fast for me to register what happened.

Between teaching double time, visitors, house being painted, writing for Gridskipper, Map Magazine, European Vibe and Written Road, meeting Edelman Madrid, meeting officials at the Indian Embassy, trying to meet lawyers, doing a documentary on the Bangladeshi community, researching Universities, working on my London School of Journalism Course, dancing, going out, and running in vain attempt to feel remotely fit — blogging and anything else seems to have taken a back-step.

With all this networking, and as the time comes to begin thinking of sorting out paper work to stay longer in Madrid, myriad thoughts have been spinning in my head.

From this, have sprouted many a profound rants waiting to be vomited, but every time I have thought of putting them to blog, I have chosen to put myself to sleep instead.

Have a look at my basic yet convoluted thought process these days, and it might just explain why choosing to sleep has been a saner option:

What am I doing with my life? But I am so happy! Am I really happy? Why am I so happy? I haven’t really achieved much. Do I want a stable job? No way! But maybe I should try to see if I can get one. I haven’t pitched a single story to any publication since I’ve come here. I want to be a VJ. I want my own TV show. Maybe I should get back into TV production. But I don’t want to be picking up camel shit again. TV show — that’s the answer. But I look crap on video. Video blogging, I need a VLOG! I need to give back to society, I should work for a NGO. I should move to India if I want to work in an NGO. I miss Indian food. I’m so lucky to be in Spain. I want to make this place home. But can I? Legally it’s a pain in the ass. Maybe I should look at buying some property here. But I don’t have that kind of money. And would I have a future here? I don’t want to be a poor English teacher all my life. I should do that masters degree in NY. But I’d have to move, again! But I guess I could move back here. But then would I want to move back after a stint in NY? Look at my brother, he is 18 and has it all figured out. What does that say about me? Will I always be a lost person? But that’s what has brought me here, so maybe that’s a good thing…..ARGH.

I could go on and on.

I hope my parents don’t read this because they will tell me to meditate.

My best friend arrives in 8-hours. So all these thoughts will just have to take a serious halt until he leaves. Can’t you just wait to read my next post!?

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  1. Pramodh Avatar

    Came to your blog when i did a random search on india international salsa congress.. good to know that there is a fellow indian who is into salsa in Madrid.. so are you on1 or on2 or both ?

  2. Anonymous Avatar

    You want to be a VJ? YOU GOT IT!!!!


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