Friday the 13th

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I fly to Paris tomorrow: on Friday the 13th. A detail I only realised a few days ago.

For those who are wondering what the big deal is, Friday the 13th is known to be the most unlucky day in the world. I forget why, and honestly I couldn’t care less to find out.

I’m not superstitious at all, but there’s something with this date that allows something uncomfortable to linger in your mind.

(Random recollection: many buildings in India don’t have a 13th floor because the number is considered so unlucky that real estate agents never manage to sell apartments on that floor! Now how’s that for super superstition!)

Anyway, good news is that in Spain it’s Tuesday the 13th that is deemed fatal – so I suppose I’m in the clear.

Lot’s of posts in the backlog, am back Sunday night – stay tuned.

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  1. Anonymous Avatar

    Bom Voyage!!!
    Nosotros nos vamos a Granada este fin de semana pero el proximo estaremos en Madrid, nos vemos?

  2. Nam Avatar

    Hey, havent read ur blog in ages.
    Guess what I noticed a few weeks ago… a lot of planes don’t have the number 13 seat either. It goes directly from 12 to 14 . And that was on a Spanish route.

    So guess we’re not the only superstitious ones in India 🙂

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