Indulgences and Summer

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The sun is out, the wind is warm and pleasant, dresses, shorts and bikini’s are out of the closet and I’m on an inexplicable high.

Yet at the same time I feel lost and anxious; perpetually preoccupied about fish knows what.

I have been buying crap. Cheap, disposable summer clothes that I know I won’t land up wearing, music that I will listen to only on a whim, and am eating lot’s of ice-cream. Must start running.

The Matador boys have gone, I hardly know them but it feels weird and kind of sad that they have gone. Was a pleasure to have them over, who knows if I will ever see them again. They came and went in a snap. Man, there are not enough hours in a day, and it’s already June.

So what? I don’t know.

Crazy month coming up for me. Am off to France on Thursday for the weekend to see some close friends. *Thank goodness I’m getting paid tomorrow*

Then am here for a while and then I go to Sweden to hangout with another friend. And then June is over!

Sheesh kebab.

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