Galicia Round-Up

Galicia is beautiful. Small and dainty, very green, very traditional.

I ate octupus, Gallegan soup, ‘tit cheese‘ and Gallegan bread; and octupus, Gallegan soup and tit cheese and Gallegan bread 🙂

Although the sight of octupus (especially it’s tenticles) made me want to throw-up because although it’s dead on your plate, it’s easy to imagine it alive and breathing heavily through it’s ugly pores, I really liked it.

Was in A Coruña for two days, Santiago de Compostela for a day, and Finisterre (the end of the world!) for a day.

Incase you were wondering, there is really nothing ‘at the end of the world’, except a steel boot and a rather ugly lighthouse; but what the hell – it’s the end of the world!

Here are some photos. Stories to follow!

A Coruña – El Costa de Muerte

Old part of A Coruña

Ugliest sculpture I have ever seen

Santiago’s Cathedral

View from the ‘end of the world’!


  1. Hola Abhita,
    me alegro que disfrutases de la rapida visita a Galicia pero siento no haber paseado mas tiempo contigo…otra vez sera. Ahora que conoces el camino tienes que volver!!
    Dos correcciones: es “La Costa de la Muerte” o en galego “Costa da Morte”. La foto que pusiste de Santiago no es de la Catedral, es un edificio proximo, el Seminario (donde estudian los curas).
    un bico (beso en galego)

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