Frugal Traveler in Dubai!

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The NY Time’s Frugal Traveler Matt Gross finally made it to Dubai. And wrote a brilliant piece.

Other than it being an enjoyable read, what I really appreciated about this piece is how he managed to see beneath Dubai’s glittery shit, and talk more about the few ‘normal’ things you can do there.

Those familiar with Dubai will understand why I had the biggest smile when I saw the ‘what to see’ recommendations included:
-Al Mallah
-Saj Express
-Club Africana at the Rush-Inn Hotel 🙂

(They are probably some of the best places to go, but you will never hear about them in Dubai’s publicity)

Some extracts:

“It’s probably very normal for people to wake up in Dubai, realize they have money in their pockets, and set out to spend it. But for the Frugal Traveler, it’s a rare and nerve-wracking moment…

What I wanted from Dubai was not preconceived amusements but the accidental by-products of globalization — like Club Africana, or the happy clash of cultures at a house party. Not only were they cheaper, they felt more truly Dubai than the multimillion-dollar attractions, and I counted myself fortunate my low budget had driven me to seek them out.”

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  1. John Avatar

    i visit this site often. but decided to comment this time since i live in dubai. How true, you just cant beat the 5dh shawarma, like you said, i too have never heard of the African place. our wekends are cheap but fun, and since we have young kids, it mostly the bur dubai abra, the creek, souks, parks and of course the have a great site!

  2. Tas Avatar

    Thanks Abha. Excellent and useful article. Will bear it in mind for my trip next year.

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