Garbage Treasures

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Life as an English teacher doesn’t leave you much spending money after you’ve paid your bills. So when you spot something you like, abandoned in the trash, you take it.

Yesterday we picked up this sofa chair from the trash round the corner.

4am walking back from a great night out with a friend visiting from Valencia, we spotted it and thanks to numerous cañas in my system, I didn’t think twice about whether to take it or not.

So here we were, in the middle of the night, two half-drunk chicas carrying a sofa chair home. I say that with full pride as I officially join the club of garbage scavengers. Yes, that sounds cheap and pathetic, but as long as I’m not scavenging for food, I think my dignity is intact.

And just for the record, it’s the most comfortable thing I have in my room after my bed, and it doesn’t smell.

If you pay a bit of attention to the chair, you will see some bird-drawings laid out. These are pieces of art we found hanging on various trees in the barrio of Lavapies. And they’re pretty damn neat.

I’m yet to put up the bird paintings, but all-in-all, I’m quite kicked about my new possessions. They have added new dimension to my room.

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