Marvellous Martinez

Oh My God. Can this guy move or can he move. Frankie Martinez, king of salsa and afro-cuban rythems, was in Madrid yesterday for a performance.

He has control over muscles in our body we do not know exist. He could probably isolate all of them if he wanted to. He hears beats in a rhythem that will remain ultra-sonic to us, and his interpretation of the music with the command he has over his body is just mind-boggling.

I have been dancing, in some form, since I was 5. I have watched a lot of great dance shows in my adult life, have been to 4 salsa congresses, scrutinised every video of Michael Jackson, but have not seen anyone move the way he does.

In fact his whole troupe was pretty fantastic.

The screw-up with watching such fantastic dancing, is that it makes you want to quit. *sigh*


  1. Hey!! I’m glad you made it to the congress finally!

    And don’t ever talk about quitting young lady! 🙂

    Let me know whats going on with what we talked about, ok? Tata

  2. heyy,

    I feel pretty strongly abt the quitting part of this whole thing (though i know nothing abt Salsa!). It happens to me all the time.

    In Classical music, there are some composers who really defy ALL reason, like Beethoven. He could direct and compose for over a HUNDRED instruments — all when he was stone deaf. Imagine the skill and gift required to do that!

    on this topic — you dont really need to compare and kinda think that you are any the less….

    Remember — if someone can do something, you may not neccessarily be able to do it. But you can definitely learn frm it!!!

  3. Frankie is considered as the prince of Mambo, but he doesnt want to associate himself with the salsa movement anymore, he has already branched out and calls his style of dancing as latin funk.

    If you are visiting New York dont forget to take his classes at empire studio.

    and about quitting. there will always be some one who is better than you, that doesnt mean you stop enjoying what you are doing.. happy dancing.

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