Moods and the Madrid Salsa Congress

So I went last week to pick up a complete pass for the congress, and guess what!? SOLD OUT!

Since when did salsa congresses start getting sold-out? that too the advance dancers category!? Anyway, thank goodness the organisers chose a big enough place for the fiestas and tickets have been available at the door.

Went last night, danced my toes off till 7am. No skin left on the top of them, and the rest of my feet are blistered. Anyway, was a super night. Met a whole bunch of people from Valencia – all the guys I danced with for the 6 months that I was there. For the first time ever we hugged like we were long lost friends, and finally figured out each others names.

I woke-up today at 3pm (with disgust), but all psyched about going dancing again tonight. Studied, ate, showered, blow-dried my hair, wrote a bit, withdrew money, came home to get changed and …poof… I don’t feel like going any more.

What sort of a and random mood kick is that!?

Today is going to be an overpacked night – perhaps that’s what it is. Or maybe it’s because I’m Aquarian, fuck knows. Oh well, there’s always tomorrow, which I don’t want to miss because Frankie Martinez is going to perform!

My flatmate has rented out Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind, which sounds like a good plan for the night. So the popcorn comes out and my pyjamas get back on.


  1. I did actually, I thought it was pretty brilliant! Guess our minds are not THAT different after all! 🙂 Belated Happy Easter!

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