Pangs of nostalgia

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One of my students is an Account Executive. Yes. She belongs to the world I was part of less than a year ago.

When I walk into the Advertising Agency she works for, it gives me pangs of nostalgia. I feel a rush of excitement and sickness, both at the same time.

The Creative Department, the ‘Brainstorm Room’, the Conference Room, the kitchen brewing coffee and fridge stacked with Coca Cola. The smell of ‘suits’ and their expensive perfume, the offices displaying their best ad campaigns, the creative team dressed in ripped jeans and blue hair chilling out, smoking. Everything brings back a fast train of memories beautiful as well as brutal.

When I walk into the agency, I almost miss it for a second and think, bills were easy to pay when I was working in the communications industry. But the thought really only lasts for a second.

I do wonder though if I will ever be drawn back into the corporate closet. I truly hope not.

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  1. Soltero con Hijos Avatar
    Soltero con Hijos

    Why not a mix of the best of both lifes? Is that impossible? I can’t see the connection…

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