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I have been one of those fortunate children to have grown up with the love of not two, but three grandmothers.

I lost one of them over the weekend to lung cancer.

The irony of it all – she never smoked a cigarette in her life.

A gynecologist, she delivered me at our home hospital in Bombay. I was the first granddaughter in the house.

She spoilt me rotten with bhindi until I was three.

I was the only child ever allowed to sit in the corner of the operation room when she was doing surgery.

She put my photos growing up around the house. Some that are still seen today, 24 years later.

She would listen to anything I said, however I said it, even if I would fight. A privilege very few had.

She believed in the saving the environment and looking after street children.

Losing someone shouldn´t be part of life, don´t you think?

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  1. sky Avatar

    I’m sorry for your loss Abha. And as you say so endearingly, losing someone shouldn’t be part of life.
    Hope you’re doing well xo

  2. Deepali Avatar

    Sorry for your loss.

    I have old grandparent too and I spend so many anxious moments every now and then worrying that something might happen to one of them. Sometimes it’s very scary because I feel that one day I’m going to wake up and find that the world coming down on me.

    Haven’t lost a ‘loved one’ in a long time but I am sure it’s hard. Hope you are coping well.

  3. Nuri Avatar

    So sorry…
    You never wanted to be a doctor after what you had seen?

  4. Nam Avatar

    Abha, Im sorry about your grandmother passing away. I am here anytime you need, just pick the phone and call. As far as whether losing someone should be part of life, I recommend you read Michael Newton’s “Journey of Souls.” It will answer your question. Trust me!

  5. Soltero con Hijos Avatar
    Soltero con Hijos

    It shouldn’t be, but it is. Unfortunately. Can you imagine a world where you will meet your great-great-great-greatparents? You will spend your whole life just meeting your relatives!
    Sorry for the loss, Abha.

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