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So today in my TEFL class, we were asked to rename our classmates. An exercise which will be used later to teach us how to remember names of our students. Anyway, we all had to come up with names and then there would be a deciding vote.

Now, one of my classmates gave me the nick name Hannibal. HANNIBAL.

What I am a serial-killer-human-flesh-eater now? When I (jovially) confronted him for an explanation, he said – noooo not Hannibal Lecter, the A-Team ball-crusher Hannibal. WHAT?

What sort of vibes have I been radiating in my class!? Although, sure – I hope – it was in good humour, but I have to say I was offended. I have never had a decent conversation with anyone in my group, let alone a brawl or anything fatal. Why in the world did HANNIBAL come up!? and why did the rest find that funny!?

If they hated me that much, they could have given me a mean woman name, like Cat Woman or something stupid like Olive Oyl from Popeye. But HANNIBAL!?

Thank goodness that name didn’t get the majority vote. I would have cried.

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