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Arrived last night after a sleepless 16 hours of traveling and my heart in my mouth. For the first time I have landed in a foreign land, and it hasn´t felt right. I find that weird since I was so ready to get on that plane. It´s like I´m in Spain so I should be in Valencia, but I am not. I am lost and alone in a big city with no solid purpose other than to live abroad, be fluent in Spanish and write. But that was an informed choice. Didn´t quite feel this way last time though.

I opened my suitcase this morning and smelt home. All my clothes washed with Persil and my mum´s favourite Baby Softner. Perhaps all of a sudden I am overcome with the need to belong somewhere. Something that is not going to happen for the next few years. Guess all will be fine once I start going to school and find an apartment. It´s just the initial drama that comes with moving.

Read this on one of my reader´s blogs this morning and it couldn´t describe how I feel better:
´I have become a strange mixture of East and West. Out of place everywhere, at home nowhere.´-Jawaharlal Nehru.

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