Adios Dubai: Part 2

Am off to Madrid tomorrow morning. This time it’s Madrid, not Valencia because it’s a bigger city with more opportunities, and it is international yet thoroughly Spanish. The plan is to get certified in Spanish (DELE), travel and write; and well, some income would be a good idea so will teach English…after learning how to teach English (TEFL) of course.

Since I am changing city, I will be starting off from zero again. Although I have a huge knot in my stomach, that is what I find exciting, so it’s all cool.

‘Abha you have been to Spain once, you had a blast for 6 months, what are you going back for?’ is the question that I have been asked a million times over the last month. Honestly, I have no solid answer. I am still as lost as ever, scavenging for direction.

I read this line the other day (cannot remember where) and it brought to me the biggest smile:
If you don’t know where you are going, you can never get lost πŸ™‚

All I know is that I am doing this because I enjoy it and can afford to do it. And yes, I secretly hope it will help me figure out what I want to do with myself. But who knows.

The only thing that hurts when I move is goodbye hugs to family – always dramatic in my house, so tears are guaranteed. Sometimes I think we are too close for our own good. But then again, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Close friends I don’t say goodbye to. I stick to ‘see you later aligator’, and it’s way easier. And I truly believe that those people who want to stay in your life, will, no matter where you are. Thanks to the Internet, there is really no excuse.

I will arrive late tomorrow night and my cousin brother has some friends in the capital who have been kind enough to let me bunk with them until I find my own place.

I need to sort out my paper work once I get there, but assuming that all goes well, the plan is to be there for a year.

How will this year help me later? Don’t know, don’t care.

Whatever happens, if nothing else I will have some good stories to blog about πŸ™‚

Am flying Qatar Airways. This will be my first time on a Gulf airline. No, 10 years in Dubai and I have never traveled Emirates.

Hasta pronto chicos, do stay tuned.


  1. Just discovered your blog and am so glad I did! All the best with your move to Spain, may the country be good to you and may it be an experience to cherish. Will be looking for more posts from you.

  2. Good news. Something tells me that this is your year and I tend to believe it as we!!Keep wRighting..

  3. Good luck in Spain!
    Maybe you should watch some football this time…new experience(?)…
    all the best!

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