Black eye and bleeding nose

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After over four years of salsa dancing, I was just thanking my stars the other day, when I saw a fellow dancer pull his back on the dancefloor, that, although I have been stepped on and hit a million times, I have never suffered more than a bleeding toe-nail.

Looks like I jinxed myself with that thought. Yesterday, just when I was having a particularly good time on the dance floor, I got elbowed under my left eye, and then elbowed on my nose. The next thing I see is blood all over my hands, and I run to the bathroom.

Stayed in the bathroom a good 10-minutes waiting for my nose to stop bleeding. It had not yet hit me that I had just been badly hit.

Anyway, to be honest, I don’t care that I got hit. These things happen on the dance floor – no big deal. What bothered me the most was that, although I ran across the dance-floor mid song with blood all over my hands, nobody came to check on me! Even the guy I was dancing with didn’t care to follow me, or ask me if I was OK. And I have been dancing with these people for years! How horrible is that? what sort of people am I dancing with!? Perhaps nobody saw me, or realised what had happened, that’s what I am hoping anyway. That’s me – giving the benefit of the doubt. Pretty dumb huh.

One girl came in a bit later to see if I was OK; it felt horrible to be so alone in the corner of a club bathroom with blood everywhere, especially when you know over half the people at the club. That’s what put me into tears more than the blood.

When I came out, the dude (asshole) was still dancing. He could have atleast called me today to say sorry. Atleast!


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