Book Review: Bird by Bird – Instructions on Writing and Life

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220 odd pages later, I sit here and write rather rejuvenated about the whole process of being a writer, any sort of writer. Bird by Bird – written by Anne Lamott is a pure, soulful, deep yet incredibly funny and informative book on the art of writing and living a full life.

As self-helpy and therapeutic as that sounds, that is not how it reads. She doesn’t give you lectures or tells you what to do and how. You don’t feel like you are a loser reading this book because you are lost and desperately need direction. She just tells you everything she knows about being a writer in the most raw and crude, yet inspiring manner.

She makes you want to reach deep down inside of you and write; turning yourself inside out in the process. She touches on every emotion you feel at every stage of writing – from writer’s block, to writing shit, to feeling fucked six ways (her words) to the elation of completing a piece and getting published.

The whole book is also filled with moving anecdotes from her life and other peoples lives. If I could throw a penny for each time I read a line and felt overwhelmed, I’d be bankrupt.

One of the many thoughts in this book:

‘Writing and life are like driving in the dark. You may know where you are going, but you can’t see past the headlights.’

A must read for anyone who writes, or wants to write.

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    I agree with your comments about Bird by Bird. Absolutely wonderful advice!

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