Going to India

Off to India tomorrow to see family and attend a friends wedding.

I love going to India, and always have a blast when I’m there. However, a few days before I go – I always have a heavy head and get into a foul mood. I really do not know why.

Perhaps I get overwhelmed by this sense of belonging and not-belonging at the same time.

I am buggered that although I am Indian, I have to be very careful with the food and water in India. Particularly because one year I came home with jaundice, and the next I came home with typhoid. This means that all the road side crap that I love will be out of reach – no pani-puri, no green chutney, no bhel, no Haji-Ali fresh juice. Sucks.

It’s weird – I had no problems when I was in Thailand. Didn’t take any shots and ate everything, everywhere.

I am going to get hassled by every other person about when I am getting married and why I want to live in Spain. Once asked that here I said I will get married in Spain. Turned out to be a satisfactory answer that didn’t call for more questions or explanations – will stick to that.

I always get alot of gossip when I go to India: Dr.Patel’s daughter ran away with her driver, Priyanka has a gambling problem and lost all her money in the slots, Vikram now has a zoo in his house, Kapil’s marriage broke-off because he was secretly in love with his best friends wife…etc.

Other wise blogging, dancing, reading, watching Bollywood movies, and catching up with people is the plan.



  1. Great!!!
    About food. Some years ago we wanted to travel to India but we were discouraged when we read the part about “health concerns”. Sanitary conditions seemed to be much worse than anywhere else. So in the end we went to Vietnam. Aside from diarrea and a some vomit, our health was ok. We had a diet based on rice and papayas for a week and came back quite thin.

    Will you be blogging from India??

  2. Nuri jaja – estas esperando para mis cuentas de viajar verdad 🙂

    Thanks Radha, Moryarti and Anil – stay tuned 🙂

  3. As usual Indians born and brought up abroad, want to take a dig at India’s pollution, dirt, and food that always makes ONLY overseas Indians sick. Don’t you think that the same food was also ate by real Indians, who are also humans like anyone else.

    If you can become soo sick by eating in India, pleas don’t come to India.

    Your comment is irresponsible and baised. Please stop this act.


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