Going to India

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Off to India tomorrow to see family and attend a friends wedding.

I love going to India, and always have a blast when I’m there. However, a few days before I go – I always have a heavy head and get into a foul mood. I really do not know why.

Perhaps I get overwhelmed by this sense of belonging and not-belonging at the same time.

I am buggered that although I am Indian, I have to be very careful with the food and water in India. Particularly because one year I came home with jaundice, and the next I came home with typhoid. This means that all the road side crap that I love will be out of reach – no pani-puri, no green chutney, no bhel, no Haji-Ali fresh juice. Sucks.

It’s weird – I had no problems when I was in Thailand. Didn’t take any shots and ate everything, everywhere.

I am going to get hassled by every other person about when I am getting married and why I want to live in Spain. Once asked that here I said I will get married in Spain. Turned out to be a satisfactory answer that didn’t call for more questions or explanations – will stick to that.

I always get alot of gossip when I go to India: Dr.Patel’s daughter ran away with her driver, Priyanka has a gambling problem and lost all her money in the slots, Vikram now has a zoo in his house, Kapil’s marriage broke-off because he was secretly in love with his best friends wife…etc.

Other wise blogging, dancing, reading, watching Bollywood movies, and catching up with people is the plan.


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