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Was driving home this morning and landed up listening to this segment on radio where callers who have/had an obsession with an item called and shared their manic sentiments about material desires. A few examples of what I heard:

“My IMATE phone – I used half my month’s salary and borrowed money from my parents to get this phone.”

“Kinetic Honda- I scored 90% in my exams, went to a college that I didn’t choose just to get this bike.”

“Jimmy Choo Shoes – After seeing them on Sex and the City, my mind was so set on them, I couldn’t sleep at night until I got them.”

“Armani Sun Glasses – I wanted these shades so much that I borrowed some money from a friend to get them. I cannot remember feeling so happy like I did then.”

And, ofcourse, once these guys got what they wanted – they didn’t want it anymore. Human incoherence.

As much as it was really pathetic to hear these people share these stories, and even more pathetic that the radio station gave this so much air time; there was a certain amusement factor that kept me listening.

Anyway, made me wonder what I loose sleep over / or have lost sleep over, that I wanted so desperately I would kill for.

Not a thing came to my mind.

Not understanding how this is possible, and pushing the thought further I realised that the one thing I remember being crazy to have was Michael Jackson’s first autobiography ‘Moonwalk’. I was 8.

It was 9 English Pounds. With pocket money of 2.50 a month, it took me a good 6-months to obtain.

But in the last 18-years, there is nothing else I lost sleep over because I didn’t have.


Wow I must be really liberated.

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