Arrested in Germany

I was arrested at Munich International Airport [on my way back to Dubai] for not having the right documentation to land in Germany. It was just like the movies.

Innocent morena enters airport. Two large and burly and very German men approach her, flash their ID and ask her where she’s coming from and to show them her passport.

‘Sorry but you do not have the right documentation to be here, and you are under arrest for being an illegal trespasser.’ What?

Yup. See I had a visa issued by Spain – not by Schengen; but Spain is Schengen right? Nope, not with the visa I had. I knew I couldn’t travel outside Spain, but since I was only in transit – I didn’t think it would be a problem. Lesson learnt – even if you are 100 % sure, check again!

Sat in German police headquarters at the airport for about an hour. Totally confused and a bit scared to be between armed men, somehow I had a nerve to bombard them with questions.

I was surprised at how nice they were to me. There was nothing Hitler about them, answered all my questions in monosyllables, but answered them nonetheless. Perhaps it was because I was a girl.

Then they brought out a filled Criminal Record โ€“ with my name and my charges spelled out under some act of Germanyโ€™s penal code.

Then those papers were sent to a public prosecuter who must have been in a good mood because he told the guys to stamp my passport and let me go.

Phew. I really enjoyed my jug of German beer after that.


  1. How could anyone not be nice to someone like you .. You made the German security gaurds melt ๐Ÿ˜›



  2. Well caught in Germany for a transit visa seems news. I have been through Frankfurt quite a few times without a visa and never got stuck. wonder if I was plain lucky of the Germans have changed. Good to know you had a sweet/bitter -cant be sure which experience.

  3. oh no! Glad you weren’t sent to Afghanistan . . . no that that thought even crossed my brain before reading your post . . . good lord, hope we reach world peace soon before the ridiculousness gets more out of hand. glad to know you made it back ok, though. Spain is already missing you.

  4. Moryarti: I will take that as a compliment ๐Ÿ™‚

    Anonymous: You better be more careful next time!

    Nuri: I asked them everything possible about schengen visa rules!

    Meggan: I miss Spain so much – will write you soon!

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