Knot in my stomach

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I cannot believe I am leaving Spain in 3 days. 3 DAYS. I feel like I came here yesterday. Time flies so fast it scares me sometimes.

The weekend was my last weekend dancing. Wanted to say goodbye to the people I have been dancing with for the last 6 months, 3 times a week. Tried to, but since I had never spoken to any of them before [don’t even know their names yet], felt weird and pointless. Besides, when I return to Spain – I will go dancing in Valencia again.

Had a little pizza and beer party at home over the weekend. Got lots of [big] books in Spanish as presents. Lovely, but I wonder how I’m going to take back all of them. Said goodbye to everyone with an earnest will to see them again.

Yesterday was my first day in 6 months with without school. I was done with school anyway. 494 hours of Spanish is a lot. I hope to be in touch with a few of my teachers.

It’s amazing the friendships I have made here in 6 months. Don’t know if I made such friends in Dubai over 6 years! I have offers to come back and bunk with them when I need to, offers to leave stuff at their homes if I need to, numbers of their friends in Madrid for when I come back. It’s so nice when help is offered genuinely.

When I left Dubai, I was ready to leave. Left excited and relieved to be out of there. Now it’s time to close this Valencia chapter and I have a big knot in my stomach.

Can’t get myself to pack. Don’t have an appetite. On the contrary, I’m quite stoic about it all. I don’t think it has sunk in yet.

Will be shuttling between Dubai and India in November and December. If all goes as planned, I should be on a plane to Madrid sometime in January to begin another chapter in my life.


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  1. anish Avatar


    I dont know why, but that post made me a little emotional. I cant really explain it, but I will try to when you come back.

    It will be nice to see you again!

  2. kishore (dad) Avatar
    kishore (dad)

    I am also feeling seems spain is ur place.Wt u do is from ur heart. I wish i did all this wn i was lancing journalism shd be ur profession and salsa shd be your entertainment.

    love u!

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