Should I have?

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Yesterday as I was leaving my local videoclub, a guy approached me [yes in the middle of the road] and said “Perdona, you are beautiful, can I take you for a coffee sometime?”

Totally put on the spot, I said that I only had a week left and that I’m not sure I have time.

To which he said “you have the most beautiful eyes I have seen, what about tomorrow? day after? you pick a time and place.”

My reflexes were totally saying no, so he gave me his name and telephone number and told me to think about it and call him if I want to.

A bit flustered, and flattered – I walked home. Now this has happened to me before, but the reason I am writing this post this time, is because this dude was actually quite handsome. His name was Roberto: bright blue eyes, tanned, long hair in a pony tail, clean teeth, jeans and a dark blue T-shirt.

Not hot-that-you-want-to-jump-on-him types, but charming in his own way. And I began to think – how many times does a good-looking man approach you -pleasantly enough, says something nice and asks for a bit of your time.

Yes my first thought was – what kind of decent guy stops you on the street and asks you out? But then I thought, what’s the difference if he was on the street or in a bar? or in a shop or at work? How else do you meet guys? There is no right-or-wrong way.

So why didn’t I want to go? Perhaps it’s a bit desperate? but then again it isn’t much different from a blind date or an exchange of telephone numbers in a night-club. Does it matter that he approached me on the street?

How much do you need to know a guy before going on a date? when I start to get to know guys, we become friends; friends that you don’t want to date because they have entered the too-much-of-a friend zone.

Guess it all boils down to what you want. There haven’t been many times that it has been crystal clear that I want to be with someone. However, irrespective- it’s always been disastrous. My luck with men stinks. Perhaps that’s why I have my guards up too high.


I can’t call him anymore as my memory has failed to remember his number. But if I did, perhaps I would have. But then again, he was Italian. Guess I can imagine what he really wanted. But then again, wouldn’t you be upset if he didn’t?

We women are complicated.

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  1. AGWeinberger Avatar

    Hm… you should have call the guy back… the best thing to follow your inner feelings and instinct – which never would cjeating on you 🙂
    Don’t let rationality and prejudice overcoming you. Search for the Space and for the Light in your own eyes and try to share it to those who are worthy enough to handle it…
    I guess You Should Have…
    Be blessed, stay safe and walk proud 🙂
    best thoughts,
    AG Weinberger

  2. Anonymous Avatar

    Of course you should. Nothing to lose (except some of your time) and maybe much to win.

  3. Anonymous Avatar

    You should have totally called him back! I found my soulmate in the most bizzare situation, at an airport… Like soltero con hijos said, there is nothing to lose and possibly much to gain :=)


  4. Aditya Kumar Tiwari Avatar
    Aditya Kumar Tiwari

    Hi dear…The article was truly good about what one should do or what one should not…really admirable atleast because thats the way we all think…but for a solution you should have met the person or called him if his intentions on your first meeting were not too wrong…otherwise if it were wrong from the first meeting better was not to make life bitter by calling him…Anyways it was good to read and to give a thought…
    Keep smiling till you can smile…and when you can’t…meet me..

  5. Deepali Avatar

    Haha enjoyed reading this one. Well if I was in such a situation (and well I will never be in such a situation) I wouldn’t have called the guy up for the simple reason that he asked me to spend some time with him just because he think I look good. How can anything really substantial stem for such a reason?

  6. aluapaula Avatar

    something similar happened to me, just after looking at a boy in the metro he jumped out in my stop and then once in the street, he asked my name… and didn´t split up for a week…untill he had to go 🙁

    so if u make an effort aand still have time, I would say give it a try!!

    Y estoy impresionada por cómo hablas español después de sólo 6 meses!! enhorabuena

  7. Abha Avatar

    *suspirar* es que no recuerdo su numero. Otra vez (si hay otra vez 🙂 no perderé la oportunidad 🙂

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