Terrible Cycle. Absolutely Pathetic.

Most weekends – Thursday-Saturday, I am out dancing 12-6am. So come Sunday and at 4am I am wide awake. Till about 3 weeks ago, this wasn’t a problem, as I had school 9am – so would HAVE to get up, and would catch up with a power nap in the afternoon – Monday would be the only bad day, Tuesday back to normal.

But the fuck up now is that I have class at 3pm and it is impossible to get out of bed before noon, especially now that it’s chilly. Now it’s almost 3am here and I haven’t yawned yet. Tomorrow I will wake up around noon (even though my alarm is set for 9am, as always), get dressed, fix lunch, go to school – back at 8pm. Whole day gone. It’s terrible! I wish I could say ‘but I’m burning the midnight oil’, but other than endlessly reading online and watching absolutely pathetic yet addictive Big Brother (Gran Hermano) debates, I’ve been good for nothing.

Another thing that has been bothering me, is that since I land up reading for hours online – my book-reading has gone for a toss. Reading online is great, but you land up reading such a plethora of random stuff – articles, blogs, poems, rants – you don’t read anything concrete; although you have been reading for 3 hours, you don’t feel like you have read anything substantial. I started 4 books when I got to Spain: a Noam Chomsky, a Bill Bryson, a Jorge Bucay (which I will finish tomorrow, even if I have to be up all night), and this other really stupid Spanish book on cowboys. I haven’t finished any. Terrible. I also started this journalsim course from LSJ (thinking oh I’ll have loads of time in Spain)- did 6 assignments in the first month, then the Spanish-English contrast wasn’t working, and haven’t read assignment 7 yet. Absolutely terrible.

Time to fix things, beginning with my sleeping/not sleeping schedule.I have told my flat mate to pour water on my head before he goes to work if I’m not up by then. I hope I don’t punch him.

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  1. Haha… got here via Dubai Sunshine… I’ve been there and done that… if you can go nocturnal go with it, but the reading sh*t on the ‘net… that is here to stay.

    It’s the great dumbing down of the planet.!


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