Movie Review: Laberinto del Fauno

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Very interested in watching a movie that combines the era of the Franco regime in Spain and fantasy, I went to watch Laberinto del Fauno – written and directed by famous Mexican director Guillermo del Toro.

It was horrible!

2 hours of watching the Franco hijos de puta (as they say) torturing their opposition left me sick to the stomach, not allowing me to appreciate the innocent and intriguing fantasies the little girl indulges in, perhaps demonstrating her way of dealing with the trauma – the whole point of the film!

Blood, bullets, torture, knives, torture, guns, blood, wounds, blood. That’s all I can remember of the movie. What a shame, because the fantasy built characters had great amounts of imagination and signifance that my brain just wouldn’t comprehend because of the goriness of the scenes before and after. They ended up to serve as comic relief more than anything else.

If you can’t stand blood and torture scenes, do not go watch this movie. If you do, don’t buy popcorn.

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  1. Nuri Avatar

    Come on, it’s not gory, I think you’re too sensitive! As we would say in Spanish “para gustos, no hay disputas” I thought it was a great film…

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