Marc Anthony Concert – Benidorm

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Ofcourse I had to go for this concert. I must admit he was much better than I expected.

We arrived in Benidorm (the city known to have the highest skyscraper in Europe, which we didn’t see) around 6:30pm for a 10:30pm concert, and there was already a 2-mile line around the football stadium. After geeing and gawing about the number of people here and giving saludos to half of Valencia present, we entered the stadium around 8pm.

A bit buggered that we had to wait another 2-and-a-half hours before the concert started, I should have guessed that Spaniards are pretty good entertainers (a.k.a time wasters :). MA music played for a bit which got the crowds into the mood, and was followed by a Flamenco show. Then we were entertained by spectators of other MA concerts around the world flashing boobs-and-bums when the cameras had caught them. Hilarious. When the cameras caught us in Benidorm, they didn’t stay focused long as the best we could give them was some boys unzipping their flys. Tutut. Oh well.

Then all of a sudden, lights went off and MA appeared magically (like they all do). Looked at the crowd who was screaming, and then said…’WOW'(!?). Then immediatley starting singing ‘Valio la Pena’ followed by others – names of which I shamefully don’t remember.

One thing though, after consequtively listening to 4-5 songs of MA, they all start sounding the same! I think the crowd felt it too because this was when they all started shouting out for J.Lo.

Yes she was there. She strutted on stage while the men had orgasms, (in a dress not doing justice to her sexiest-ass-in-the-world), gave her husband a long kiss, queen-kissed the crowd and strutted off.

Another thing that was interesting to see was that twice during the concert, MA stopped, looked at everyone (whilst pin drop silence because no-one was sure what was going to happen), closed his eyes, got onto his knees, and kissed the floor! WHAT IS THAT ABOUT? I thought we only did that in India…! Anyway.

What makes or breaks a concert is the ambience, and the atmosphere here was really rocking. Also for me, watching a concert in Spanish with Spanish people had it’s own charm. As we left, everyone-about 25,000 people- were dancing on their way out, all ready to hit the dance floor. Very cool.

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