Falling apart?

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I was told that my last month in Spain would be the most important in terms of grasp of language. Everything will fall in place, you will be comfortable with the language, verb conjugation may not be perfect, but will not be a pain in the ass either.

I have entered this last month and my Spanish seems to be going nowhere but downhill. I am speaking worse than I was a month ago. I am saying ‘no te entiendo’ (I don’t understand you) and am actually meaning it when I say it! Word’s aren’t flowing anymore. They used to flow. Flow wrong, but atleast flow. Now…NOT HAPPENING! My 150 odd hours of Spanish lessons so far are taking their toll; maybe I have too much information in my head that has chosen not to digest quite yet.

Perhaps I am just more aware of what I’m speaking now. Aware of how wrong I used to speak, so rather not speak, or think long before I do. Before, it didn’t matter -(ignorance is bliss!), perhaps because I didn’t realise what and how wrong I was speaking. Now it does. Well, I guess that’s progress.

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