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To welcome the winter with open arms, my body decided not to resist a cold – for that is what winter brings. Blankets are out and so are trousers and cardigans – and this weekend so were my panadols and vitamins. However, a cold is a great excuse to stay in, cuddle up (to your dog, if that’s all you have) get some hot Cola Cao going and watch movies. I had become a member of trendy Version Original down the street some 4 months ago, and still had 9 of 10 rentals on my card (can you believe it?). Anyway – so I landed up watching 3 good but very depressing movies:

Barrio: Es un cuenta de thres chicos que viven en un bajo barrio de un ciudad. La pelicula revolve alredador de amistad de ellos, sus problemos en casa con sus padres, hermanos, trabajo y vida en general, y acaba en un tragedy. Es triste pero recomendo este peli.

Hable Con Ella: Si! mi primera pelicula de Al Modovar. No sabia que muchos de sus peliculas son triste! Este pelicula es sobre dos hombres que tienen novia’s en coma. Como ellos las cuidan, y desarollo de sus amistad. Pero, este pelicula tiene un ángulo muy chocante y poco enfermo – que despues siente muy mal. Emocional y casi real, este pelicula es muy bien, recomendo tambien.

Whoa. My first attempt blogging en español – y me cuesta mucho! Por favor, si hay alguien español leyendo mi blog, cuanto lo siento! Un dia escribiré sin error!

Water: Now films like this make me proud of Indian cinema. Beautifully shot, this film revolves around the life of a child widow in a home for widows, during the time when most widows were considered useless and a burden. In these houses they need to beg for a living and sometimes sell themselves. Written and directed by Deepa Mehta (known for picking controversial topics) it was made only after a political battle with Indian parties. The movie is not a sob story – but an intense, powerful, and sad peek into the reality of over 34 million widows in India.

Great weekend, but I’m a bit low on my ‘happy level’ after watching 3 serious and sad films consecutively. Am off to watch some Aida before bed.

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  1. शक्ती Avatar

    fyi, water is canada’s official entry to the oscars. i reckon it will make it to the last five.

  2. Nuri Avatar

    I’ve seen Hable con Ella and Agua. I love Hable con ella, great movie. Agua was interesting, but not that good, I think.

    PD: Does my English look like your Spanish?¨;-)

  3. Abha Avatar

    Nuri! Is my Spanish that bad? 🙁
    Your English is very good; actually quite error free to my surprise. Surely you have lived outside Spain.

  4. Nuri Avatar

    Thanks… your Spanish isn’t bad at all, considering you’ve been here only for a week!…. he he (just a joke)
    About my English, I studied in SF for one year a looooong time ago. If you heard me, though, you’d think it’s Yaser Arafat speaking (he’s dead though, might not be such a good example)

  5. aluap Avatar

    so you were feeling like not watching any funny movies?

    I haven’t been for long in Valencia, but for sure there mos be something else than Aida to watch!!

    Maybe you would like to chek on Cha-cha-cha a not so old Spanish comedy film you might enjoy, and don’t worry about your Spanish as long as you keep practicing and we understand each other is enough!

  6. Anonymous Avatar

    Winter!?!! it’s 30 degrees!


  7. Abha Avatar

    Aluap(is that your name?) thanks for the tip, will check it out.

    Meggan: Looks like you are feeling better! Tia, he last few days have been warm – but it’s chill-ier now!for me anyway (maybe coz I don’t have Alaskan parents 🙂

  8. Reel Fanatic Avatar
    Reel Fanatic

    Though I have mucho trouble reading Spanish, I think I could tell that you liked Habla con Ella quite a bit, and I would have to agree .. it’s definitely near the top of the list of great Almodovar movies in my book, and I can’t wait to see Volver when it finally opens here in November

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