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No matter where you live or what you do, there is almost always one person around who gets under your skin. Who you want to punch, every time he speaks.

You cannot stand anything he says, does, wears, writes or breathes. He thinks he is smart, but he is an idiot. He thinks he is funny, but he is an idiot. He thinks he rocks the world of every girl around him, but he is an idiot. You cringe when he smirks.

He has been learning a language since he can remember, yet when constructing a sentence he speaks like this.
And still gets it wrong! He asks questions like ‘so when you are driving in Norway, if a rhino happens to come in your way, who has the right to pass first?’ (HUH?)

His hobbie is visiting libraries. He has visited almost every one in the city, but has not bought a single book. From the 865,980 odd books in the 11 libraries he has been to, he likes none.

He doesn’t like Spanish food – cooked or raw. Says the meat has an odd flavour, the fish smells, the pure Spanish virgin olive oil just tampers the original taste of food, and the fruit tastes different.

Everyday he has a weird story to narrate where everyone seems to want to pick a fight with him. (Hmmm I wonder why?)


Okkkk. He doesn’t mean bad and was probably neglected as a child or something like that, but I generally have a tremendous level of tolerance for people and always give them the benefit of the doubt, but this dude crawls on my nerves like a giant spider who’s cobwebs stick.

I have another 6 weeks with him. Mierda.

Will let you know if I ever punch him.

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  1. Nuri Avatar

    Who is he??? Not from Spain? What’s this question about the Rhino?? 🙂

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