My most expensive possessions

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Yup. Salsa dancing shoes. 4 in Spain and 3 in Dubai. Thats about 800 Euros flat. Wow. I have paid more for dancing shoes in a year than I have for underwear or bread. But what joy to wear comfortable, somewhat sexy dancing shoes. Have not had the luxury of wearing many brands, but amongst what I have tried – Supadance shoes are beyond comparison. I could run a marathon in them. Ok, not true – but you know what I mean.

Other brands that I recommend:
Solodance – the Spanish shoe company is a good buy. Comfy, distinct style, less expensive (approx.E75)
Portdance – just bought these. The Portugeese company seems to be very much like Supadance. Haven’t been dancing yet, but have walked in them. Feels good.
Capezio – BIG NO. I have had them for a year, worn them 3 times – with and without stockings and never have I come home without blisters. Good dancing shoes do not rape your feet like that.

I’m no dance shoe expert – but from the 8 odd pairs I have bought and used so far, there are a few tips I could offer:

Always buy a size smaller:
They stretch significantly, and when you buy a size smaller after wearing them out once, they kind of fit like a mould to your feet. I personally believe that when they fit like a glove, they help you dance with more stability and traction. But make sure your feet can still breath when you buy them. A good way to judge is by wearing stockings when you try them on. As they are slippery, tighter shoes will seem fit but more comfortable with them on, thats how they will feel once they stretch a bit, so dont worry if when you take the stockings off, you have to squeeze your feet in

Satin stretches more than leather:
You might want to consider a half size even smaller for satin shoes. I am normally a 5 UK, in satin my 4 has opened significantly, now I wish they were tighter!

– Always buy branded dance shoes:
I am not a brand person, but if there is one thing I will always buy branded – its dancing shoes. Very important – if you are dancing 3 hours a night, you dont want shoes messing up your your tendens, foot muscles, ankles and calves. However, no matter how good the shoes are – your feet will always look a mess after dancing. (My feet look disastrous!) A nice rub in the shower + cream at night does the trick. If anyone knows a better solution for dance-wrecked feet, please share!

-If in doubt, dont:
If you dont like the shoes in the store, or feel you are settling for second best, dont buy them. Believe me, you will not wear them on the dance floor. If you like the gold, but have more silver stuff – but dont like the silver shoes, buy the gold or dont buy either.

Try different brands:
I think this is a good practice. Your feet need the change too.

Do you really have to change your shoes once you are off the dance floor?
Ok, I understand that they are dancing shoes meant for dancing, not walking, and are branded and expensive – so you want to take special care of them. But when you are dancing your legs off 4 nights a week, 4 hours a night – how is walking to and from your car in the same shoes going to change their durability or whatever you are trying to preserve? I know wayyyy to many people who do this, I used to – but dont anymore, felt stupid – is there a reason I am totally missing?

Ok its late and I have babbled enough about dancing shoes.

Dance on!

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    Abha … everyother post is becoming salsa-related .. i suggest you rebrand ur blog for Salsa lovers 😉

  2. Abha Avatar

    Moryarti: TOUGH 🙂

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