Walking the dog

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Since I am part of a family now, I sometimes get allocated the duty to walk the dog so he can do his pee pee ka ka on the street rather than in our home. Now, never having been the owner of a dog, this is new to me and rather interesting.

I don’t know if this is normal, but Franky looks for good places to pee. He knows exactly where he wants to pee and where he doesn’t. And there seem to be so many good places to pee, that he doesn’t pee more than a few drops in one place, as if he wants to cover as many spots as he can in one trip!

What I have learnt:

-A corner is better than a side
-All poles are prime locations
-The wheels of fancy cars too good to miss, even if you can’t pee anymore…just try, it’s worth the raising of the leg.
-It is fun to pee on every step as you are going up or down them
-Grass and sand offer comfortable spots for kaka

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