Valencia turns into Disneyland

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Valencia has been in the limelight lately due to the fact that the Pope is visiting us this weekend. Over 1 million people are coming to get a glimpse of who they might call God on earth. The streets are already heaving with people wearing yellow bags and hats, and the plazas have turned into funfairs.

It is interesting to see all the preparations for the Popes arrival: yellow and white Valencia flags every where- outside most houses, balconies, hotels, shops; yellow and white flowers neatly laid out on all the streets, police EVERYWHERE, and they say phone reception will be cut off those few days in prime areas. Most the town will be closed and pubic transport suspended. Even prices of things like water and coffee have gone up for this period! You get this very festive vibe-like everyone is in Disneyland, waiting for Micky Mouse to arrive. (no offense intended!)

As many as there are signs saying ‘te esperamos’ (we are waiting for you); there are many signs saying ‘jo no te espere’ (I am not waiting for you). There is an entire cult of people who are so against what the Pope stands for and all the money being spent for his arrival. I have been tempted to leave Valencia this weekend, just to be away from all the chaos. But perhaps I’ll stay to witness the hungama this event promises!

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