Barcelona Salsa Congress 2006

Wow. My first Congress. What a joy to be amongst people who know what they are doing, and do it darn well- always with the biggest smile! Salsa LA, Cubano, NY, London, Puerto Rico; Rumba, Samba, Regaton, Salsa swing/flamenco/jazz/hiphop/funk/latin hustle, ladies styling, body isolation, freestyle, chacha, bachata, dancing on the 1, 2 and 3, salsa acrobatics – name it and you could learn it in these three days. Teachers included maestros such as Super Mario (just fantastic), Manual Mascarel, Carmen Lorente (stunning), Papa Rumba, Leon Rose, Susana Montero (excellent), Swing Guys, Tito and Tamara…and that’s just a few of them.
Over and above that there were over 40 mind-blowing performances and a competition. Workshops all day, and then shows followed by fiesta all night long.

It has taken me two days to recover, but I’ll be back on the dance floor tomorrow!

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