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I’m afraid of Indian/Pakistani men in Spain. I know this is a terrible thing to say about fellow country men, but I truly am. While I have been in Spain, I have not seen any Indian/Pakistani women, but I have seen quite a few men. And an Indian/Pakistani can quite easily spot another, especially abroad. Now when you do, and even if you catch their eye by mistake – that’s enough for them to believe they can come and chat to you. “Where are you from?” “What are you doing here?” “How long for?” “Who are you here with?” “Do you live alone?” “Can I have your phone number?” “How can I see you again”? uuuhghhhg.

The other day I bought a telephone card ‘Mera Pakistan’(hehe) from a shop owned by some cut surds (Punjabis); One of the guys followed me out of his store to the internet café; walked out when I walked out, then while I was on the phone using the Mera Pakistan card for about half an hour, he was standing across the road from me, it seemed like he was watching me. Of course I ignored him completely. He followed me to my tram stop – after which I lost him. What’s that about? Another time, a Pakistani dude came and sat next to me in the tram. Spoke to me in Urdu and of course I had to respond. Same questions, he even got off at my tram stop so he could give me his number. Luckily, I pretended not to have a pen, and neither did he have one.

I’m going to sound terrible saying this, but these are the kind of men you wouldn’t even talk to in India, at least on a social level. Not educated, smelly, Pathan types. How do they land up in Spain? With residency cards!?

Anyway, I’m sorry, they are probably harmless and will not bother me if I don’t entertain their conversations, but I feel threatened by them. Hopefully there won’t be a next time, but if there is – I will pretend to be Columbian and say something super fast in Spanish.

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