What it takes to be a Hispanic chica totalmente

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A mullet:

Seriously! Every other young Spanish chick has one. A long flowing mullet. Like they’re not sure if they want long hair, or short – so they get a concoction of both: a mullet.

A bad dye-job:

If you don’t want a mullet, dye your hair. If it’s blond – dye it red; if it’s black – dye it blond and when your roots start growing, that’s cool, it’s supposed to look that way.


Every 5 minutes, especially while walking somewhere, that’s the coolest.

Off shoulder clothes:

Whether you are 15 or 50, anything that is falling off your top is hot.

Pierce your upper lip:

Yup, right where Marilyn Monroe had her mole.

Where do I start?

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