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I need to move out of my apartemente for the sole reason that it is rubbish for the amount I am paying. A bit of research made me find that I can have my own 3 bedroom for Euro 500 a month. At this price I currently share a 4 bedroom with 3 others.

Went around school and found about 6 numbers I can call that have a room up for grabs for the range Euro 150-200. I also met a friend of a friend last week who has just moved into a brand new apartment. 3 bedroom, right on the coolest street in Barrio de Carmen (the coolest place in Valencia), wooden floors, balcony, glass patio – it’s really nice, and clean, and he is the first person to be living there! Euro 270 including gas and electricity. And I’m taking it. I haven’t even called any of those 6 numbers. I just can’t get myself to! I’m feeling a bit guilty for moving into such a swell apartment. Is that sad or what?

It’s because I don’t really need to have such a nice apartment. If I choose to, I could save a further Euro 100 a month, and perhaps use it for travel or alcohol. Thing is I want it. I’m 26, have worked my ass off for the last 5 years, I deserve a bit of luxury if I want it, don’t I? I am a student at the moment, but I’m over living like a student, perpetually on the cheap. After all, I am going to be here for 6 months, it would be nice to come home to a cozy place. But I won’t die if I don’t. I’m being really silly aren’t I. I just hope I’m not being ripped off, I really doubt it. What the hell, I’ll take it. Call me a spoilt brat if you want.

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