Salsa in Spain – the real thing

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Slightly disheartened with the standard when I first went dancing in Valencia; I was quite thrown aback when I visited salsa club Glamour. I haven’t been intimidated to dance, ever. But last night, I just wanted to crawl under the bar and watch. The dance floor was on fire. Having danced for over 3 years, I should have been on fire too – I wasn’t even warm. I was obviously at the wrong place last week.

Salseros dance very much LA style here (in a line) with a lot of freestyle. The guys were young, friendly, smooth dancers and quite good looking. The women were also stunning, and confident dancers. There was a very strong click amongst all the dancers, typical of any scene – and I wasn’t part of it. Sucked. But I’m sure if I go regularly I’ll get to dance more than twice. The couple I went with were amongst the best dancers, so perhaps I’ll get there quicker through the law of association. 🙂

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