Codigo Da Vinci

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Yes I managed to watch the original English version in Valencia. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised, especially considering that critics worldwide have panned the film. The Spanish sub titles were actually very useful as a lot of dialogue is in French; felt kinda cool to be able to understand what they were saying porque mi poco Espanol leo estoy! 🙂

I have to commend how well thought out the movie is. Those of you who have the read the novel know how much interesting and shocking detail the book goes into; I was wondering how the movie will put it all across effectively. Of course movies cannot compete with books, but this one did manage to send a shiver down my spine from time to time. But I do think I enjoyed the movie more because I enjoyed visualising the book.

I didn’t initially agree with the choice of Tom Hanks as Robert Langdon, but he is actually very appropriate. Seems like he has been going to the gym with his lean physique, but I think the hair has been glued on. Sophie Neveu and Silas characters couldn’t have been better either. Silas freaked me out in the book and double freaked me out in the movie!

Yes at 2 ½ hours the movie is slightly long, but that’s the only criticism I can think of. Worth a watch.

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