Random thoughts from Café de Espana

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So I’m sitting in this café around the corner from my apartemente. Actually it’s not even a café. It’s a canopy with 10 tables. About two metres away is a booth built into the wall that has a coffee maker and ice cream. Punto.

I’m sitting here with my feet up, eavesdropping on the conversations of Spaniards around me. ‘Listen then talk’, isn’t that the first principle of communication?

It seems like a hangout for locals; a meeting point for amigos both young and old.
I was the one of two people 10 minutes ago. There are now at least 30. So I did pick the happening spot!

The coffee in Spain is just perfect. The café con leche is not a cappuccino, nor is it a café latte but it tastes better than both. AND, it’s not too hot – I can take a sip the minute I get it! The downside is that I finish it in less than 10 minutes.

A few other things I am enjoying blissfully:

The sun goes down at 10pm!

Public transport. I haven’t used a bus/train/tram in 5 years! (Vacations don’t count)

How I will not see a single Indian on the road, or in school, but randomly meet them in the oddest places: The owner of the kebab shop, the Punjabi owner of the internet shop and the Delhi-ite who owns the telephone centre.

Unfamiliarity of almost every name, place, animal, thing around me. It breeds a constant sense of intrigue and awakens all your senses.

Buying fresh fruit from the street.

How no-one speaks any English but they all listen to Coldplay, Norah Jones and James Blunt.

How people cannot guess where I am from.

How I have all the details of 6 men who want to practice their English and help me speak Spanish – yeah right!

Life is good.

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  1. kishore Avatar

    U are too ambitious to live this life. May be after few years u want to be in place like this.U get bored too fast.U always told us we dont do any thing. we do what we enjoy.thats wt u r seeing there.

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