A taste of Salsa in Spain

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So I called Manuel Mascarel, (apparently the guy who´s name is synonymous with Salsa in Valencia), nice guy, very friendly. Haven´t met him yet, but hopefully next week.

Went to this bailamos discotecha´Asucar´ last night. Was quiet at first, with just a few people here and there dancing on a large floor. The music is relatively slower than what we are used to (most welcome!) and from what I gathered last night, the Spaniyards dance a mix of LA and Cuban style. And alot of bachata, merengue, chacha. The songs played were all familiar, which was kinda cool – but made me quite nostalgic.

Then the teacher announced a La Rueda session. I gladly jumped in, as it is probably the easiest way to dance with everyone in under 10 minutes. Once announced, the next thing I see is atleast 70 couples ready in a circle on the dance floor for La Rueda. Whoa! where did they all come from!? Was the largest Rueda I have ever done and though very basic, really good fun.

The level of dancing wasn´t very good though. Dubai standard is much better. But a good night, nice people (a few sleazeballs, but all in all nice 🙂 and I was most happy just to be dancing!

Carmen Llorente was there too. Apparently she is the whole and soul of salsa in Valenica. Will talk to her next time.

Anyway, I have been sitting in this internet cafe in some dodgy lane near my house for the last 2 hours, next to two Mexicans who smell of tequila. This is the character you miss in Dubai! 🙂
Guess that´s my cue to exit.

Hasta luego!

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  1. Kishore Avatar

    They will soon start noticing Dubai salsa Queen.Tarika told her mom(vishals mom)-u r Dubai salsa Queen.Learn to write any lang is pain . I remember my days in bombay when papa used to give my poorly written esseys to Anu and Jyoti( note- i was the eldest) to correct-humiliating

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