Revelling in the glory of joblessness

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(Time: Activity: *Emotion*)

7:00am Alarm goes off, time for a run. *Bloody hell*

7:30am Still in bed. * Sleep is nice. My bed is so nice*

7:50am Drag myself out of bed, brush my teeth. *Bloody hell*

8:00am On the way to excellent pathan joint for breakfast to have kheema paratha and dal with S1, S2 and A. *Driving, singing and wondering why I am up so early on my day off*

9:00am Waiting for S1, S2 and A to show-up. *Lets pretend to be engaged in earth moving thought*

10:00am 3 cups of tea + a bowl of yogurt in stomach, sun in eyes, movie talk. *How can these people eat this oily meat stuff so early a.m.*

10:30am Off to Bur Juman Mall to do nothing. *How sad, but what the hell*

11:45am Walking aimlessly around Mall. *How sad, but what the hell, there is a certain novelty factor in this + the company is good*

12:00pm Coffee break at Hediard; deep conversation about personality classification. I’m tagged an ‘Explorer’. *Yaay. There is hope for me*

12:45pm Walking aimlessly around Mall. S1 gets shopping kick. One hour in Diesel. *I don’t particularly like Diesel. But the sales guy is nice. So are the bathrooms *

1:45pm Coffee break at Hediard with local friend M. *Feminist banter on men. I really like espresso.*

2:30pm Time to see M’s Maserati. *Niiiicce car. But I’m going to Spain! 🙂 *

3:00pm Off to eat spicy fried fish at Palm beach. *yummmmmmmmmmm*

4:00pm Licking fingers and sculling beer. *Yummmmm. Must bring my dad here*

4:30pm S2 tells us hilarious story on how his face got burnt while trying to drink absynth with finger on fire. *This is the best drunk story I have ever heard. *

4:45pm Still laughing without sympathy on S2’s story *Man, if only this was my story to blog*

5:00pm Time to go home, drop S1, conversation. *So cool to have hung out with S1 today. Hanging aimlessly with someone you admire has its own glory*

5:30pm Home, quick drink of water, off to neighbour for meaningful conversation and brownie. *It’s nice to be home with a brownie*

7:00pm Back home and time to head out to meet friend for toxic beverage and salsa. *Shyt only half-an-hour to get ready*

7:55pm Lingering thought: ‘The journey is the destination” hmm (?)

NB: S1, S2, A and myself, in my books, are successful individuals with interesting backgrounds and seemingly exhilarating futures around the corner. Perpetually bogged down with work, errands and responsibilities, we have never had a day in Dubai, to do nothing useful. An intentionally wasted day was not in our books – Happy Birthday – it was born today. (Thanks to all of us quitting our jobs)

Yes we had fun. Mindless, relaxed, not a care in the world. Yes we had a lot of fun.

Realising that there are people in Dubai who do this everyday was a bit disturbing, to say the least. But hey, to each his own.

We had fun because it was bizarre to us. It was a day that was so simple and full of nothing, that I will always remember it vividly, and perhaps fondly. Will we ever do it again? I don’t think so.

5 responses to “Revelling in the glory of joblessness”

  1. sky Avatar

    You’re making me wanna quit my job!!!

    It’s nice to just wander around aimlessly sometimes…but as I’m sure you can attest, the work bug comes running back!

  2. Anand Rathi Avatar
    Anand Rathi

    Stumbled across this blog by following a link on GridSkipper []. The name seemed familiar, turns out we were school/bus stop mates for 2-3 years while you were in St.Lawrence. Good to see that you’ve been having a lot of fun and going places. Anyways, just wanted to stop by and say Hi!

  3. anish Avatar

    probably one of ur best posts…i cant pin point exactly why…but it was innovative and really fun to read…and i was really what sky said ”It’s nice to just wander around aimlessly sometimes.”..
    but sis, i am realllly gonna miss you. 🙁

  4. Abha Avatar

    Sky: Yes, I have been happily aimless for the last 2 weeks. Looking forward to getting back into the swing of things.

    Anand: My gosh, how cool yet random of you to find me after all these years! What are you up to these days – drop me a line if you have a minute.

    Anish: I will miss you alot too. You better write to me religiously or am gonna kick your ass 🙂

  5. Anand Rathi Avatar
    Anand Rathi

    What do you know…day dreaming about world tours and checking out travel blogs have pleasant side effects like discovering long lost friends 🙂 I would’ve dropped you a line had your email address been available. You can reach me at anandrathi at gmail dot com.

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