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So I met with Chris Mohney from Gridskipper the other day. Was refreshing to meet with someone from outside Dubai, who gets paid to travel around the world and blog. What an ideal job! I was quite surprised when he said that people who blog for a living, don’t last too long as bloggers – 1-2 yrs tops. Guess it gets different when you are compelled to spend a copious amount of time blogging.

Anyway, as much as I was keen to meet with him, shockingly I was a bit anxious too. ‘ Will I be engaging enough? Do I have enough to say that is interesting? will I be able to hold his attention?
I can’t remember the last time I lacked confidence in myself when it comes to meeting someone new – the feeling was daunting.

An hour passed rather quickly and I didn’t see him looking at his watch, so I think I did ok 🙂

When you’ve lived in the bubble of ‘corporate Dubai’ for so long, where your conversations rarely go beyond ‘hows work?” and ‘how was Trilogy last night’, I’m not surprised at my lack of confidence. Another reason why I want to get out of here – dire need of better conversation!

Coming back to the subject, while Chris was here for the Arabian Travel Market he covered a lot of ground in Dubai. The Burj, the museum, hot night spots in Dubai, ATM, the architecture, shisha, the abra ride – he’s done it all. And it has been written, for a change, with no fear of deportation 🙂

Check it out here.

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