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1) The other day, out of the blue, a guy S who I went to college with in Australia wrote to me. After a long stint in Japan, he happened to be in Bangalore. He talked about how he had found a small bunch of salsero’s in Bangalore who keep active the small though buzzing underground salsa scene.

I know someone A who has just moved from NY to Bangalore – he had a short spurt in Dubai – and happens to be teaching salsa in Bangalore. I recommended S to get in touch with A- and voila! – turns out that S has already been learning salsa with A, and they know each other quite well.

2) Newley Purnell – a travel blogger/writer I have not met personally, but have followed through his blog and had the odd contact with, recommended a fellow travel blogger/editor to meet me while he is in Dubai for the Arabian Travel Market.

So tomorrow I meet Chris Mohney, editor of urban travel guide

How cool is that!

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