And my new life begins

My first day without work in 5 years. My gosh it feels so surreal. Couldn’t believe that I was wide awake at 6:30am! I have never woken up that early on a working day, let alone a non-working day. Chose not to get out of bed – but then I did, thanks to some moron who decided to call at 7am to ask me what I’m selling my car for. *sigh* It’s all good 🙂

My colleagues put together a video for my going away. With Juanes playing in the background, the video had lots of good wishes, photos and soundbites from close ones, edited well into a 7 minute clip. Cake, card, gift, flowers and beer followed. I bawled my eyes out. It’s moments like this you think – ‘ must’ve done something right’ 🙂 Thanks guys, I’m extremely overwhelmed.

Quite busy this week, sorting things out and catching up with people I’d like to see before I leave (assuming that I’m leaving!) It’s kinda cool how your stakes go up when you are leaving.

Decided not to have leaving do. Most of my friends don’t know each other – so thought I’d just leave it at that. Besides, I’m rather crap with goodbyes, I’d rather sneak out and drop everyone a hola line from Spain.

Arabian Travel Market starts tomorrow. Look forward to going to it as a visitor for the first time in my life (as opposed to as a PR professional).

It’s nice to be chilling. I feel light headed, fresh, excited though a bit lost at the same time.

Life is good.


  1. Heyy

    Didnt know you had your own blog!

    Anyway, here I am sitting in office with so much happenning all around me and in my life. Needed a break so thought I’d check out your blog and now wish I could take a break too. A long, stress-free break…Only if!

    Talk to you soon!

  2. Congratulations! Must be a nice feeling, although I can imagine it feels slightly daunting.

    Things will work out the way they need to. So when are you planning on leaving?

  3. video, cake, drinks cause you are leaving.

    I had the same thing done in my old company. Only difference is that they did it after i left the building..

  4. Sky: Saturday! Just waiting for my visa, which I have been told will come through this week.

    Its like I’ve quit my life in Dubai; booked my life in Spain – having no means of getting to Spain. Yes, daunting indeed.What shall be, shall be.

    Moryarti: So they actually celebrated your absence? shu? – how come? You were probably too bright and happening for them.

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