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My third last day at work. What a drag! It’s pretty pathetic to be in the office, with no sign of life on your table, and nothing to do. Have never really had time to breathe in the office; now it’s just breathing and more breathing. I guess the glory of doing nothing serves as taking a ‘well deserved’ break when you are busy; otherwise it’s just darn boring.

Have been noble and asked people if they need help, have had 6 coffees, lunch and a snack already. You look at your watch thinking ‘its been a while’ when its only been 10 minutes. Want to sneak home, but my conscience won’t allow me.

I also feel like the invisible person. Everyone talks across me, not to me. Work issues have nothing to do with me anymore, so to talk about them is not the same. In fact, its like all of a sudden things are confidential.

My phone doesn’t ring and I’m not getting email anymore. I have cleared my desk, and organised everything alphabetically.

Have spent time with most people I’ve wanted to. Everyone else seems waaaay to busy; it’s like I’m wasting their time and thats the last thing I want to do. So my life feels like its on a standstill, while the rest of the world is still running around like crazy.

Even when I call friends, no one has time to chat, they’re ‘busy at work’, what about when I was working? I still called them then – they always made time. It’s probably because they know I’ve started bumming around, and they can call me later.

So yeah, I’m zoned out. My mind is clear, I’m well rested, I don’t care about the next press conference or next strategy presentation. Now that I’m out of things, I’m already looking at what I did, differently. And I have great anticipation and excitement about what’s up for me next.

Guess I’ll know very soon. Need to get the next two days over first!

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  1. Bharat Jethwani Avatar
    Bharat Jethwani

    Arrey yaar…depress nahin honeka.

  2. vikram Hazra Avatar
    vikram Hazra

    heheh remember I used to take time off from my busy schedule to mail you — and this when you were just a slip of a girl!!

  3. Rebecca Lowell Avatar
    Rebecca Lowell

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