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While half of Dubai was preparing for Robbie William’s orgasms, I was watching Shankuntala – a rock opera. This Kevin Oliver production was one of the best I have seen. About 30 odd talented singers and dancers enacted this 2- hour long epic, through 22 wonderful songs.

You know how you watch something that is so emotive – you have this constant strain in your mind; a strain that is just waiting to burst into a tear or a smile? that’s how I felt throughout. But I’m generally sensitive when it comes to live performances, I just love them – and really get engrossed.

What a magnificent performance by each and every cast -for some of which this was their first performance.
I found it amazing how they communicated excitement, love, pain, anger and happiness so accuratley through song and dance.

Also, the lights, sets and costumes were just brilliant – what attention to detail. I felt so rewarded watching this – I can’t even imagine how rewarding it must feel to have been part of its production. It took Kevin about 10 years to perfect this musical. When I saw him on the way out, I wanted to give him a big hug – but restrained to a handshake πŸ™‚

Anyway, if you live in Dubai and are free over the next 5 days – a must see.

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  1. jui Avatar

    hey! my name is juhi, and i have to say, i completely agree with you. throughout the whole show, i literally didnt move a muscle. i had goosepimples during most of the songs, and the quality of the singers was unbelievable. have never heard such singing live! hats of to kevin oliver, each time he produces a new show, its ten times better than the last (here i am dissing circle of life!) Even though i only saw the morning show (where half the singers were working, i know, one of them was my relative), it was still mind blowing.
    cool blog uve got here! πŸ™‚

  2. Sonu.A.B Avatar

    Thx guys for such an appericiation… Kevin will be thrilled to hear this…

    On behalf of kevin i thank u guys for comin in and njoying the show…
    I was the Lighting designer for the show.. and i know for a fact how much effort v put in for this production..

    Once again thx a lot and plz continue ur support..

    n ya thx for the comment on lighting…

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