Only in India

My cousin got hooked with a girl while we were in India, earlier in January. We have grown up with the girl, obviously with no idea she would be my bhabhi one fine day. This is typically a specialty in India: parents love to see their children, who have played in bathtubs together when they were 3, get married. “Why not!?” you will hear them say, “they know each other soooo well!” No shit.

Anyway, today was supposed to be their engagement – but guess what, they decided to get married instead! The decision was made around 6pm yesterday.

How ideal, I thought. No hangama, no drama, no 1 year wedding prep for a 4 day wedding, no stress, no bankruptcy; a small, 4 hour wedding was on the cards – something so rare in India.

But guess what: with 12 hours of notice, 110 family members still managed to make it to the wedding. I could’nt believe it! So much for a small wedding. We were the only close family who weren’t there. Everything went smoothly. Everyone is happy. The newly-weds should be off on their honeymoon soon.

There are two findings here:
-We don’t have to go OTT to have a good wedding in India
-Small weddings in India are impossible

I’m still going to try to pull of f a registered marriage – I don’t mind eloping if I have to. Everyone will be informed about it, post wedding. Will celebrate with a BBQ on the beach!

If I ever get married, that is.

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