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I have resigned from my job. And it’s now official so I can blog my heart out 🙂

Almost 5 years (yikes) with The Holding Group (Y&R, Intermarkets, Asda’a and Polaris!) have been extraordinary, but its time to move on before I become part of the furniture 🙂

Plans are to move to Spain for a year. Learn Spanish, teach English and dance salsa (yes they do salsa in Spain!). I have enrolled in don Quijote language school, Valencia branch – where I plan to spend atleast 6 months (Valencia is known to have the hottest salsa scene in Spain; made my decision very easy 🙂

While I’m there I plan to do my TEFL aswell – and see where all this takes me. Why Spain you may ask? well, ideally I’d like to be in South America. But going there from Dubai isn’t easy as there are no embassies here – except Argentina; and that wasn’t a country on my priority list. Wanted Latin culture, Spanish and salsa. Spain was my next best option. There are loads of Latin immigrants in Spain I am told, so it kinda hit the right spot for me.

Also, the school I am joining has transfer options to Mexico and Peru, so who knows where I will be in six months! A wise man once said to me there are three things you should never change at once: job, country and language – it’s a recipe for disaster. Guess I’ll find out first hand what this is a recipe for! 🙂

My main source of inspiration has been the Transitions Abroad portal that opened my eyes to every dream life option possible. It also sites articles by people who have done what you want to do and have changed their life in many ways.

I am extremely excited to change my entire life for a while. Needed a break from Dubai, from PR, from everything that has become so familiar to me that I can’t stand it anymore. I’m looking at this break as a study break, but it actually goes beyond study. I have been lacking personal development for a while now, so I’m taking this plunge to grow a bit, discover things about myself, experience a new culture, travel and pick up a language. With all this unconventional value added, I look forward to see what doors are opened.

I have never been to Spain and do not know anyone there. But thats part of the fun. I do have a little knot in my stomach though. If I get my visa on time, I should be out of here May 7.

I can’t wait!

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