Who are your ‘powerful’ lot?

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India Today’s latest issue defines powerful people as those:
– Who’s wealth influences society
– Who have powerful friends who can help
– Who have unique knowledge or skills which makes them power icons
– Who happen to be in the right place at the right time
– Who people listen to
– Who you do not want to get on the wrong side of
– Who have credibility

The 50 people listed in the article, to no surprise, included the likes of: Rahul Bajaj, Sania Mirza, Sharukh Khan, MF Hussein, Ratan Tata, Amitabh Bachan and Kumar Mangalam Birla to name a few.

Was good to see Shabana Azmi / Javed Akhtar + Prannoy Roy in the list too.

However, these people are far out of reach to most of us. They are up there on a pedestal. They have a certain intangible awe about them that we may never have the chance to experience.

So, in perspective of my own realm, ‘powerful people’ who have managed to shake things a bit in my world are:

My mum and dad:
Who have unknowingly touched so many lives by tirelessly going out on a limb to help anyone in need, not expecting anything in return. They are the true personification of ‘selflessness’. I couldn’t have had a more fulfilling upbringing.

Vikram Hazra:
A friend who has dedicated his life to making a difference in the world, and has an absolute blast doing it!

Newley Purnell:
Don’t know him personally, but he has helped me realise the meaning ‘ the world is your oyster’ in its true sense. (Newley – don’t link this to your blog like you did last time! πŸ™‚

Joseph Ghossoub and Sunil John:
Two communication guru’s of the Middle East who I have had the privilege of working for, for almost 5 years now. Under their wing I have learnt everything I know about effective communication and it’s impact on businesses and society.

Sam Ahmed:
Someone who never failed to touch the sky in whatever he does. Creative head of Y&R in the Middle East, although I have never had the opportunity to work with him, has always walked into my life when I’ve needed a push in the right direction. Has helped me believe (from his example) that you can achieve anything you want – a much needed dose from time to time! (Unfortunatley can’t find anything to link to this!)

Shirin Venkat:
A family friend who is currently walking 2,400km across India in an intense effort to create a wave of awakening among the rural population with regard to their own health, by educating them on how to prevent maternal mortality that kills 300 women everyday in India.

Jimmy Sirhi:
Tireless promoter of ‘spreading love through salsa’ in the UAE πŸ™‚ who’s smile, warmth and lead is contagious!
(Sorry Jimmy, could’nt find a better pic!)

Ofcourse these aren’t the only people who have effected my life – but definitly the most current.
Who are your ‘powerful’ lot?

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