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Went to watch the women’s ATP finals last night: Maria Sharapova (SHE IS 6”2!!! and she grunts really loudly) Vs. Justine Henin. Great tennis. Sharapova was leading 5-3 first set; but she landed up losing that set 5-7 and the tournament. Henin was superb.

I didn’t pay a penny to watch this match, and was seated in the VIP pavilion. Would I care if I had’nt seen the match? Nope. Last year I watched an Agassi – Federer final for free as well. Would I care if I had’nt seen the match? Not really. It’s the Dubai Tennis Open I’ve been watching for the last 5 years. I’m over it.


Wimbledon, Roland Garros, people pay a bomb to watch such matches and would buy their last row tickets 6 months in advance; and that probably would’nt be the finals! Here we are in Dubai, watching world class professional tennis as if it was taking place in my own back yard.

Was so disgusted at the snobbishness whirling inside of me whilst I was sipping my hot chocolate next to Sheikh Hasher.

Guess we are darn lucky. The tennis open is definitely one of the bonus’s of living in this otherwise nauseating Emirate. But when will we care? We probably won’t because we take it for granted. Dubai attitude – needs a slap.

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