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When I go to buy music, I normally know what I want. However, I always buy that one different album that ‘sounds/looks’ good, and it usually turns out to be a disaster.

This time I went on a bit of a random music shopping spree and picked up artists new to me, but hey they all (actually except one) turned out to be darn good!

Catching Tales, Jamie Cullum: I’m not much of a jazz fan, actually don’t like it at all – but this album is quite good. More of pop-jazz, it is easy, joyful listening with just the right amount of great piano and emotion. He is a new artist so I thought his rawness comes through, but in a good way. Something in him reminded me of Robbie Williams and John Mayer, even though their music is completely different. All in all, good stuff.

Calma Apparente, Eros Ramazotti (Italian): Typically Eros, straightforward soft rock – very much for the girls 🙂 I wish I knew what he was saying as it all sounds very romantic but not in the soppy sad way. Nevertheless there is something awkwardly cool about listening to music in a different language. It includes a duet with Anastacia aswell and since Eros style can get a bit monotonous, it is a welcome number.

SpiritoDiVino, Zucchero (Italian): I heard him for the first time in Bombay with a dear friend who had it playing in his car. The album I heard was exceptional and had songs featuring Macy Gray, Eric Clapton, Cheb Mami and Sting – could’nt find that album so settled for this one. It is 10 years old, but the latest of what Virgin had! Not quite sure what this music is: rock, blues, funk with a tad of soul maybe..but great listening. Again, would be good to know what he is saying 🙂

Nouveau Flamenco, Ottmar Liebert (Instrumental – guitar): This artist was also introduced to me by a friend a while ago; after which I started reading his blog and downloading bits and pieces of his music. Liked what I heard, so picked up this album. Beautiful spanish guitar. Just beautiful.

Incredible India: In the most Indian mood swing that I’m in, I picked up this album. A great set of artists: Ravi Shankar, Talvin Singh, Nitin Sawhney, Anoushka Shankar to name a few. Close your eyes and you will feel you are in India. The tracks on the CD are generally slow, but progressive, with a few numbers in chill-out/lounge mode. I listened to this while I was looking through wedding pics from India, was most appropriate!

Beginners Guide to Cuba: Not happening at all. First of all, I dont know why I picked this up, I’m far from needing a guide to Cuban music. However, this 3 CD compilation promised a round up of Cuban Son, Cuban Jazz and Cuban Salsa. The artists were decent, seemed like a good album to have. Don’t buy it. The recording was’nt good (I had to change the volume for each song!) and the choice of songs was not the best. Quite disappointed.

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