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Highlights of the year:
– A good year at work
Got a secondment to a clients office/got promoted

– Had the best holiday backpacking around Thailand
– Got a tattoo πŸ™‚

– People have walked back into my life:
Met someone I used to go to nursery school with after 16 years! was a pleasant surprise
Met a dear friend after 10 years, was more than a pleasant surprise.
Cleared the air with a close friend; after 4 years we are back in contact

– My brother started confiding in me
– Danced atleast 3 times more than last year
– 4 of my close friends got married
– We bought a new sofa (after 8 years! πŸ™‚ and it is the cosiest sofa ever!
– Started meditating again
– I started blogging πŸ™‚

Low-lights of the year:
– Did’nt get a visa to Costa Rica (bloody Indian passport)
– My best friend at work left the company (but he remains my best friend :))
– I haven’t gotten any better at dancing
– Haven’t read any good books (I am still half way through 6!)

All in all a great year, can’t believe it’s over though. Looking forward to 2006.

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  1. Your close friend after 4 years...assuming its me you're talkin about Avatar
    Your close friend after 4 years…assuming its me you’re talkin about

    Just to let u know that I might take your advice and start an anonymous blog! Will keep you posted on the same…..

  2. Abha Avatar

    Yes and make sure its anonymous πŸ™‚ Not being anonymous is great but has limitations πŸ™‚

  3. moryarti Avatar

    it sure does πŸ˜‰

    happy new year abha –

  4. C Avatar

    Noticed the Salsa link…I’m moving to Dubai next month and was thinking of taking lessons. Is it fun?

  5. Abha Avatar

    Christa: Yes, its the best thing thats happened to my life! I have been dancing for 3 years now; its great fun and the community here rocks. Do get in touch when you arrive!

  6. C Avatar


  7. andrea Avatar

    Abha, were you in St Xaviers? between 1990 and 1995? Life sciences, people we have in common are Vikram Hazra, Pallav Patankar, Prerna, Sonal,Kunal, Krishna, ring a bell? This is Andrea. Came accross your site when i googled Vikram. He is amazing and an inspiration. If you’re not the one i am thinking of, i apologize..sometimes the world is just not small enough.. πŸ™‚

  8. Abha Avatar

    andrea, i didn’t go to xaviers! i graduated in 2001 from university of wollongong in australia. yes, sometimes the world isn’t small enough πŸ™‚ – but most of the time it is.

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